Conceptual design

  • Sketch design development
  • Development of full design kit
  • Reconstruction of existing buildings and facilities
  • Engineering
  • Design documentation adaptation
  • Designer supervision

Interior design

  • Design concept development
  • Sketch design development
  • Detail design development
  • Redesign and existing design update
  • Selection and supply of furniture, accessories, and lights
  • Designer supervision

Master plan development (overall planning)

  • Master plan development for all types of areas in urban settings
  • General architectural concept development
  • Comprehensive studies of a prepared master plan to identify problems and shortcomings
  • Area renovation and redesign

Development and management of projects

  • Consulting services in the field of real estate and development
  • Monitoring and auditing a current status of a project of any complexity
  • Development concept design and creation of a cost-effective facility
  • Marketing concept development and implementation
  • Management of construction and finishing works